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Burning sensation in left arm

In men, the left arm pain will move from the shoulder down the left arm or up to the chin. If the pain comes on suddenly and is unusually severe, or is accompanied by pressure or squeezing in the chest, seek emergency treatment immediately. In women, the pain can be subtler. It can radiate to the right or left arm. It can involve the chin.


Hi, I have been feeling kind of a skin burning sensation around my right triceps area, upperback (only on the very right edge) and right edge of the right chest for the past 3 days. It feels when I rub it or even touch it sometimes. There is no mark, swelling, rash or anything like that. The doctor told me this morning, it was normal and is because of too much work and stress.

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The most common causes of parasethsias (skin sensations) are diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, multiple sclerosis, sciatica problems and fibromyalgia. Tingling and burning sensations in the legs and arms can also be caused by circulation problems that may be temporary and simply the result of sitting oddly on a foot or sleeping on an arm. Cold sensation in head - like ice trickling down. Very rarely a burning sensation in head . Ear feels cold /hot or pain when my head hurts. Muscle pain in neck - not often. All of the above on right side. Couple of weeks ago I had pain in my left arm down to my fingertips and pains in my chest (just above my heart) but I do get heartburn a lot.

When a disk moves out of place, it can compress a nerve and cause a burning pain. It may also cause numbness or muscle weakness. Mononeuropathy is a group of conditions that can cause damage to a single nerve. The damage often results in a tingling or burning sensation in the affected part of the body.

If you lose feeling in the arm or hand, you run the risk of burning or injuring yourself without knowing it. Muscle atrophy. Nerves regrow slowly and can take several years to heal after injury. During that time, lack of use may cause the affected muscles to break down. Permanent disability.

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